'Equally distant from both sides' is a walking performance in a city's streets. I am wearing a 3 piece business suit and a hard hat that has an 8-foot plank of wood attached. On each end of the plank a miniDV video camera is mounted and pointed at me. Both cameras are filming me while I am walking determinedly through the streets.

(update: I am currently seeking support to take advantage of cell phone’s capability to stream live video on to a web server. This would allow me to replace the two video camera with two video+GPS enabled cell phones.)

I appear to be 'on the job'. The curious nature of my appearance and the impossibility to solidly place my doing attracts passersby's attention. In a very serious manner I explain that I am working, that my job is self-chosen and my job's purpose is to engage in conversation with stranger. I explain how the involved technology is helping me to make my appearance seem purpose full and directed but also counteract logical placement in any commonly known trade.

I use this 'body extension' as a catalyst, which helps me to start conversations with strangers. After revealing some information about myself I begin to ask question about the stranger's occupation. I try to keep the conversation alive as long as possible and even a bit longer until we both exhausted the subjects we are willing to share with each other.

I use the recorded video in a video compilation of each performance. At the gallery the visitor can see the two videos side by side.

construction worker



under writer



copy writer