While walking through the city I often find myself gazing at construction sites, garbage trucks, automated parking lot gates and the like. I usually slow down and stop to investigate their hidden mechanisms and odd appearances. I am inspired by their size, their collection of movements and the extreme specificity of the task they fulfill.

In my installations and performances I use electronic media and public interventions as a language to communicate my perception of the world. I make motors turn, lights flicker, cars drum and necks turn. My work involves re-purposing consumer contraptions and reclaiming city property as public material. These are crucial elements of my work’s aesthetic impact and introduces new vocabulary enabling me to expand my discourse and to establish my voice with more precision.

I am interested in inserting myself into the activities of the passersby and engaging with the public rather than creating an audience of bystanders watching my performances and installations. My focus is on the urban street activities where our daily goal-orientated schedules and the architecture direct our routes and actions. In public space, people are presumably on their way from A to B, only sparing seconds for unexpected events that surround them. We are all experienced onlookers, members of the public. We quickly analyze, select and categorize the world around us in order to stay focused on the task ahead. My work takes place in this part of people’s lives, the in-between space of travel, the gap between A and B.

Through the performative nature of my works I attempt to establish temporary relationships between a site and the public occupying it; sometimes by encouraging direct dialogue, other times by fostering the experience of the passersby.

Elaborate systems of rules structure and control our behavior in public and private space. It is almost impossible to have shared experiences that are not framed by time tables, street sounds or consumption. I am interested in reviving the excitement we have when we share our experience with each other which means we actively take control and responsibility for participation in the world.